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Who We Are


Galaila International Co Ltd is founded by 3 enterprising individuals, combining decades of experience in the leather and hide industry. We are the contact point between leather tanners and buyers of leather, such as manufacturer for leather shoes, leather goods, upholstery, automotive seats, finishing plants, etc.

We are well connected to major global suppliers of hides and crust in Latin America, Mexico and Europe. Our extensive network in Hong Kong and South China (Dong Guan) enables us to establish closer ties to the purchasers in the China. We also work closely with major luxury and mid range brands of shoes & leather goods, who actively source from the Asian region.

What we do BEST

Our core trade is in finished leather and crusts (shoes, upholstery & automotive). Surplus production of stock lots are high in demand in China. We connect our partnered suppliers are in Latin America, Mexico and Italy, to our main buyers in China and Hong Kong.

We also promote Wet Blue Hides and Splits for our principals in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

Our Products

Product Networks

Shoe Crust & Finished Leather
  • - Argentina
  • - Brazil
  • - Uruguay
Automotive Crust
  • - Argentina
  • - Brazil
  • - Uruguay
Upholstery Crust
  • - Argentina
  • - Brazil
  • - Uruguay
Handbags & Small Leather Goods Leather
  • - China
  • - Italy
Leather Stocklots
  • - Shoe Crust & Finished Leather
  • - Automotive Crust & Finished Leather
  • - Upholstery Crust & Finished Leather
  • - Handbags & Small Leather Goods Finished Leather

Our Location


M202 Haleson Building,
1 Jubilee Street, Central
Hong Kong
Tel: + 852 2850 6268
Fax: +852 2850 6278

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东莞办公室: 广东省东莞市 莞城街道 旗峰路200号 万科中天大厦1号楼 #1301

No.1301, 13th Floor, Vanke Zhongtian Building, No.200 Qifeng Road, Guancheng District, Dongguan, 523000 Guangdong, PR China
Tel: +86 769 2242 8012
Fax: +86 769 2242 0567

Contact Us / 联系我们

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